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Student Testimonials

 Our daughter was a student with Dr Mahood for 6 years until her graduation and matriculation to university. Kenís patient spirit has made him a pleasure to work with. We admire his musical ability and knowledge. We recommend him to anyone wishing to learn keyboard or piano. - from CBS family.

 Thank you for your kindness and faithful dedication in teaching Sam and Sarah. They are learning a lot from you. - Mr & Mrs. R.R.

 Thank you for the simplest chart Iíve found on chords. I took piano lessons when I was small and learned to sight read, but am short on theory. Now I am trying to play in my church and sometimes get lost when they want a certain chord. This will help me a lot! Thanks again! - Barb W.

 Thank you so much for your excellent piano instruction and your encouraging Janine in her love and interest in music. She has enjoyed her lessons with you and has improved her piano skills greatly.

You are a very gifted piano teacher. We recommend you to others and wish you continued success in your desire to teach. - C.G.

 Thank you for filling such an important role in Tony's life. We appreciate you and your ministry so much. - The T. family

 I want to thank you for the extraordinary job you have done teaching my children piano. They all love to play the piano now and even go into the piano room and practice on their own. I know this is because of your love of playing and teaching and passing that on to my children. We hope to continue with you for a very long time. Thank you again for all you do. In His Care, Kelley, Blake, Tennison, and Tommie H.

 Hello, my name is Sarah and Iím one of Dr. Mahoodís piano students. I have been taking lessons from Dr. Mahood for over two years. One of my friends has also been taking piano lessons, but from another instructor. She has also been studying piano for about the same amount of time, but from another teacher. Today my teacher asked my class what three notes placed on top of each other was called. No one knew the answer except me. The answer is called a  chord.  Then my teacher also asked what a "fermata" was. Once again, I was the only student who knew the answer. (A fermata) placed over a note means the note is held for a longer amount of time. I believe these are some of the reasons you should go to Dr. Mahood because he teaches stuff that other teachers don't teach!! - Sarah, Age 10 (October 2009)

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